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Re (1994) by Café Tacvba

Café tacvba

Re is like and explonding musical bomb that grabs anything that touches.
Mixing styles and genres in a fascinating sequence,very clever lyrics with different themes in every song and excelent performances this one of the best albums in contemporary music.

    1. El Aparato (The Machine) – 3:19
      The song that opens the album starts with an acoustic guitar against an incredible vocal performance of lead singer Cosme singing about an alien abduction until it turns it fades into a background of mexican chants and some keyboard work.
    2. La Ingrata (The Ingrate) – 3:32
      This is the album's most famous song, the song itself it's a catchy parody of mexican's "norteño" music
      A real rock en español classic.
    3. El Ciclón (The Cyclone) – 2:55
      This is a low-funk song with one of the most original lyrics about the human race and the nature
      "Yo → flor, polen → abeja, oso, pez → agua, sube nube, llueve, árbol → oxígeno → pulmón"
    4. El Borrego (The Lamb)– 2:08
      Any band that can play "guapango" and hardcore metal must be recognized.
    5. Esa Noche (That Night) – 3:27
      A song in a classic mexican bolero style one can't believe this song is not one-hundread years old still it sounds incredibly fresh.
    6. 24 Horas (24 Hours) – 2:19
      A great song with philosofical lyrics about not wasting the time
    7. Ixtepec – 3:21
      Some acoustic great guitar work with another outstanding vocal delivery with atmospheric interludes
    8. Trópico de Cáncer (Tropic of Cancer) – 4:38
      Starting with a slow pattern along with great guitar lines and a really great melody that dissolves into a catchy coda this is one of the album's best songs , a great story about oil engineers,preservation of nature and social observation.
    9. El Metro (The Subway) – 3:46
      Opens with a subways sample then it became a great pop song about living in a mexican subway with a romantinc shade.
    10. El Fin de la Infancia (Childhood's End) – 2:19
      A great parody of Banda's music describing the music scene of Mexico in the 90's and really you can't just stay in your place when the song starts.
    11. Madrugal (Dawn) – 1:08
      The musical interlude for the album is another timeless song with social observation
    12. Pez (Fish) – 2:18
      A country-pop song with vocals by Meme (keyboard) about the perspective of fish that is going to be cooked until it segues into the next song Verde.
    13. Verde (Green) – 1:55
      The second part of Pez with a more phylosophical aproach of the death of the fish returning to the nature until it returns to the first part of the song's suite.
    14. La Negrita (The Little Black Woman) – 3:05
      A pop song with with latin influences from Veracruz,México about a black woman that return to her town after a bad experience travelling with a fading sea animals coda.
    15. El Tlatoani del Barrio (The King of the Neighborhood). – 3:27
      Starting with a mexican-african chant this song is about Cosme's parents and the way they met.
    16. Las Flores (The Flowers) – 2:16
      Another great classic romantic song with clear latin influences(Son Jarocho). A true higlight
    17. La Pinta (Skipping Class) – 2:49
      A little bit harder rock song about skipping class the best part is how it ends
    18. El Baile y el Salón (The Dance and the Ballroom) – 5:08
      Another true classic of mexican music, the pa pa pa pa eueo is like the greatest tone of all, an incredible romantic song that ends with some gay sensibility in the last line:
      "y así bailando quiero que me hagas el amor, de hombre a hombre voleuz-vous coucher avec moi?"
    19. El Puñal y el Corazón (The Dagger and the Heart) –4:22
      Starting with some cuban influences in a song about unrequited love with great danzón turnapoints.
    20. El Balcón (The Balcony) – 1:41
      A quiet musical digestive

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